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Our Services
Our Services

* Business Services & Tax Preparation

If you think being in business isn't the fun it used to be then maybe you need to place a call to Bottomline Advantage, Inc. Let our staff of professionals go to work for you now. We can evaluate your business, your systems and your staff. We can help you streamline your operations, improve your bottom line and give you more time to manage your business effectively. After all, didn't you originally go into business for that very reason?

* Financial Statements

Professionally prepare your statement for a very reasonable fee. Few businesses can get by without needing a financial statement at one time or another. Financial statements are often required for loan applications and certain types of business licenses. Even if you don't have an accountant, with your current records, Bottomline Advantage, Inc., can prepare accurate and professionally presented financial statements for you.

* Accounting & Bookkeeping

Accurate and comprehensive financial recordkeeping is vitally important to a company's success. Your financial statements are roadmaps, showing where you've been, where you stand now and what is likely for the future. Your business will receive the personal attention of Bottomline Advantage, Inc. You'll receive their extensive experience in interpreting financial trends and advice regarding financial strategies. The services of Bottomline Advantage, Inc. are tailored to fit your particular company, and their affordable fees are based on the number of transactions you have and the amount of detail you require. Our clients receive accurate, timely and professionally presented reports. If you are doing your own bookkeeping - as many small companies are, with the availability of computers and software - Bottomline Advantage, Inc., can prepare your monthly, quarterly or annual reports from your check stubs, bank statements and sales records. Bottomline Advantage, Inc. can do as much or as little as you need. Just ask us.

* Tax, Financial & Retirement Planning

The key to reducing your tax liability and avoiding large tax payments is planning ahead. Bottomline Advantage, Inc. is very familiar with the decisions and transactions we all make that end up having a significant effect on our tax bill. If you have income from sources other than a paid wage - like investment income, freelance work, partnerships or proprietorships - Bottomline Advantage, Inc. will compute your taxes for the coming year to ensure that you withhold enough money from your paycheck or make adequate estimated payments to cover your anticipated liability. We will show you what tax savings you can expect from an annual IRA or other retirement plan contribution. We will advise you of the tax implications of purchases or sales, investments, schooling, relocation, or business startups or expansions you plan to make in the coming tax year. We can show you the benefits of many different types of IRA's, tax credit programs that reduce your tax bill while increasing your investment, plans that will provide for college education and retirement income, and sound advice regarding mutual fund and stock investments.

* Management Services

When we provide management services for our clients, we not only work with owners of the company - we work with staff and employees at all levels. It is important in this day of fierce competition that when your client puts something on the market, whether it's a service or a product, you want them to be assured their systems and personnel are up to whatever challenges come their way from their customer. We at Bottomline Advantage, Inc. feel that we have a staff of professionals at all levels that are ready to assist your company in meeting the challenges facing business in 21st. century.