Bottomline Advantage, Inc.


Accounting, Tax & Business Consulting Services

Accurate and comprehensive financial record keeping is vitally important to a company's success. Your financial statements are roadmaps, showing where you've been, where you stand now and what is likely for the future. Your business will receive the personal attention of Bottomline Advantage, Inc., Leonard Jajko, CPA and his staff of consultants. You'll receive their extensive experience in interpreting financial trends and advice regarding financial strategies. The services of Bottomline Advantage, Inc. that are tailored to fit your particular company, and their affordable fees are based on the number of transactions you have and the amount of detail you require. Our clients receive accurate, timely and professionally presented reports. If you are doing your own bookkeeping - as many small companies are, with the availability of computers and software - Bottomline Advantage, Inc. can prepare your monthly, quarterly or annual reports from your check stubs, bank statements and sales records. Bottomline Advantage, Inc., can do as much or as little as you need. Just ask us.